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Welcome to my personal place on the internet...... This website started about 1994 and has grown considerably over the years.

Computers are a hobby but I also really enjoy sailing trips, fishing adventures, scuba diving, and just traveling around the world. I keep a YouTube Channel with tons of videos of some of the trips I've been fortunate enough to make. Subscribe if you wish and watch new ones as I put them up.

Look around this website and you will also find lots of family photographs, and travel photo albums. There are streaming videos of old 8 mm family and friends going back to 1971. There are newsletters that I wrote while sailing the Caribbean islands from Trindidad up to the US Virgin Isles. So have fun and enjoy!!!

First up are my fishing adventures, from the Sutton River at Hudson Bay in Ontario, Canada to a small private bass lake in the Brazilian Highlands in South America. I enjoy all types of light tackle fishing(but primarily flyfishing) including smallmouth on ultralite while canoeing the James River in Virginia, catching 4 pound brook trout with a 1 weight Sage on dry flies on the Sutton River at Hudson Bay, and flyfishing for trout in the Yellowstone and Thoroughfare in the Grand Teton Wilderness. I've had many trips flyfishing for bonefish, tarpon and barracuda on the saltwater flats of Andros. This is, by far, my favorite fishing of all time. I have fished all of Andros Island(including getting lost behind kayak mangrove on the southern tip).

My second passion is sailing and going on sailing adventures. I have a 37 ft Gulfstar Classic sloop, the "Kalik Time II" which I keep in Florida. It's named after the Bahamian beer which I have consumed more than my share of. I'm now starting to enjoy blue water cruising and starting to become a snowbird each year. My first blue water sailing trip was a 3 month sailing trip from Trinidad to St. Johns with two other gentlemen, a Kiwi and a Brit 20 years ago. I've also spent 3 months sailing from Key West to San Andres, Columbia and toured the Mexican Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala, and the Honduran Bay Islands. I spent the winter of 2006 aboard the sailing vessel Infinity touring Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

In 2009, I spent 8 months sailing on "Saga", an Allures 44, in South America. We arrived in Rio de Janeiro 6 weeks before Carnival and stayed through the celebration. It was an amazing experience, and a blast largely due to my friends whom I met on After Carnival, we sailed south towards Buenos Aires with stops in Isla Grande, Paraty, Florianopolis, Punta del Este, and Montevideo before arriving in Buenos Aires in April. We returned to Rio in May. After spending summer in the states, I returned to Fortaleza in September, sailed to Surinam without a keel or motor, and spent a month near Paramaribo exploring the jungle. Click here for videos of the trip on YouTube.

I've just come back from 3 months sailing and diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We were fortunate enough to see several sea turtle hatchings on Lady Musgrave Island. Starting in Brisbane, we traveled leisureley up to Cairns, spending time in the Whitsundays, and several other islands along the way. We did have to avoid a cyclone, and fortunately, it missed us by a few hundred kilometers.

I also enjoy scuba diving and have my advanced PADI certification as well as certifications in Nitrox and Cavern Diving. I originally spent a month on Utila, one of the Honduran Bay Islands, getting my Open Water, Advanced, and Nitrox certifications, diving each day, and really enjoying cave and night dives. John Fraser and Stefan Olsen were my instructor, and dive master, and are now good friends. Utila is a very unique island, perfect for the young or young at heart.

Panglao Island in the Phillipines and Hermit Island in PNG were favorite diving spots aboard the Infinity. The fish sanctuary near Panglao was loaded with scorpion fish and sea snakes. At Hermit Island we called up sharks with Bob.

The caverns and cenotes on the Yucatan Penisula were an unbelievable experience.

I've also now dived and taken videos of critters on most of Palancar reef in Cozumel. This year, I have found two great new dive buddies, Kathy and Mary, while diving in Bonaire. Doing land based drift diving techniques, we visited most of the reef and filmed many underwater adventures such as a daytime octopus in the open, large tarpon, and an extremely large nurse shark....over 10 feet.

I spent 4 weeks in 2008 diving in the Visayas in the Philippines. It was some of the best diving I have experienced. We dived at 10 islands around Cebu Island including Pescador Island, Dauin on Negros Island, Apo Island, Cabilao Island, Pangangan Island, and Malipascua Island. There we saw many new things for the first time. The lion fish, blue-ringed octopus, and thresher sharks were the highlights.

The reefs at Fantasy Island on Roatan, Honduras are home to some very beautiful yellow almost a foot long. I was with a great bunch of people from Valparaiso, In. And there are monkeys. There were also some good octopi and rays at night there.